5 facts that make finance a great career option

My name is Jack, I'm a Finance wealth Specialist.

I’ve been in “finance” in a couple of different aspects over my career. Initially, I was in commercial banking. In that role, my job was to help small to mid-sized business owners with loans to finance equipment or real estate, as well as provide working capital for growth.

What I really liked about that job was that I was seeing a different industry and situation every day. One day would be a working capital line of credit for a manufacturer and the next day would be real estate financing for a new owner occupied office building. And each business and industry would have its nuances, so I was continually learning something new every day.

Today, my own practice is in personal finance. I help regular working families get out of debt, save/pay for college and maximize financial aid, and save/pay for retirement. And like banking, there are different situations all the time, though like banking, there are always similarities.

What I like about what I do today is the fact that I can help a lot of people and make an impact in their life. As I often tell people…

It’s NEVER about the money. It’s about emotions, values, feelings, hopes and fears.

First: An example is debt. I have some clients who can’t sleep at night with $1000 in debt, and yet other clients have over $100k in credit card debt (yes!) and they feel fine. It’s all in how they feel about it.

Second: As much as finance is a quantitative discipline, people NEVER just do what the numbers say. Even in commercial banking. No matter how “right” the numbers are, if the client or owner doesn’t like you, or has some issue stemming from childhood trauma, or whatever, they won’t do the “right” thing.

Third: Even though, people are always looking and asking for the “right” thing. And this goes far beyond what investments to buy. That, basically, is irrelevant.

Fourth: Part of my job is to help figure out what is “more right” for their situation versus “less right”.

Fifth: As a result, when I help someone today, it can really impact their lives. I see the stress fall away. I can see them take a sigh of relief. Likewise, I can see them cry tears of joy — yes, this has happened. It comes from knowing that they are fine, or are on their way to being fine.

So as I mentioned previously, helping people and making an impact is why I do what I do and what I like best.

Conceptually, what I’m talking about here is really more behavioral finance, which is totally different from traditional finance. And, which is why traditional personal financial advice doesn’t work.

I joke with people that I am far more psychologist than financial professional. The truth is that it’s not really a joke.



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